It’s My Turn to Be Brave

I’m a mom. I teach martial arts. I have a podcast about parenting and pornography.

I fight sexual exploitation.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about my work.

But why?

Last week, a reporter came into the dojo and asked me to tell my story. So I did.

He said he was writing a piece about women and self-defense. So of course I was all over it. That’s my jam. I love empowering women and girls–teaching them to be confident, teaching them how to walk tall and how to take care of themselves in this crazy world.

I expected the reporter to write about the dojo, about the amazing work we do there, and maybe throw in a couple quotes from me. I did not, however, expect to be the main event. I had mixed feelings about going public like this–in a newspaper. In the end, I hope somehow my story will reach other women and help them to be brave too.

Here’s the article:

After the #MeToo movement, women are choosing to strike back, literally

Self-defense classes see an increase in female students in recent years

Coincidentally, that’s my hubby and my best friend in the photo. (Image from the Chesterfield Observer)




A penny for your thoughts:

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