Man help

First, let me say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY this Sunday to all the dads in my life … but especially this one, MY Daddy. Dads make me smile. I have been organizing pictures this week and burst out laughing when I came across the sequence below. I often have duplicates and sequences because like many parents,… Read More Man help

One day

As usual, this morning my ears awoke before the rest of my body. That’s how we moms roll, right? “Mooooooooooom!!!!” my three-year-old bellowed up the stairwell. My body was concrete, my head was mush. Yesterday, I drove round-trip to D.C. again and pulled in way past their bedtime. “Mom! Mama! Mom-Mommy-Mamamamama-Mommmmy!” Eyelids … come on eyelids… Read More One day

My man

See that handsome guy? That’s my man. Christian. I love him. Today is his birthday. And as much as I’d like to spend time writing a glowing tribute to him … I’m gonna go hang out with him instead. Can you blame me? See you tomorrow! (Thanks for lending us the Harley, Mom & Dad!… Read More My man