One day

As usual, this morning my ears awoke before the rest of my body. That’s how we moms roll, right? “Mooooooooooom!!!!” my three-year-old bellowed up the stairwell. My body was concrete, my head was mush. Yesterday, I drove round-trip to D.C. again and pulled in way past their bedtime. “Mom! Mama! Mom-Mommy-Mamamamama-Mommmmy!” Eyelids … come on eyelids… Read More One day


Recently, we’ve had a family project assembling our 72-hour kits or ‘bug-out bags.’ One morning, after a shopping trip, I had left all the ’emergency’ food bagged in the kitchen. Liam, age 3, became particularly interested in that fun-looking food (not what we usually eat) and wanted to know what it was all was about…… Read More Emergency!