Want to trade?

Camden’s cat, “Kitten Sparkle”

Camden (age 7): Mom, I have a serious problem.

Me: What’s up, buddy?

C: The girl who gave me this cat wants it back.

M: Uh-oh

C: Yeah, and I told her, “It’s been like … a year!” And she’s mad that I put a ‘C’ on the tag. (He shows me how he labeled it with a black sharpie. This is typically how we distinguish between the boys’ stuffed animals. )

M: Well, that was about a year ago, right? So, what does she expect?

C: I know! Besides’ I traded for it.

M: You did? What did you give her for it?

C: A promise.

M: A promise? What kind of promise?

C: Oh, I told her I’d marry her when we get older.

M: Camden!

C: What?

M: Don’t you think you’re a little young to be making those kinds of decisions?

C: (shrugs) I dunno.

M: So now what? She found out you’re not going to marry her, and she wants the cat back?

C: No, she still wants to marry me when she gets older.

M: Oh.

C: Yeah, but she still wants the cat back too! Harsh!

M: (trying not to burst out laughing) Oh, man!

C: Yeah, that’s why you always need to think carefully before you make a trade!

(Really? THAT is the lesson my little boy took from this? BAhahahaha!)

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