Recently, we’ve had a family project assembling our 72-hour kits or ‘bug-out bags.’ One morning, after a shopping trip, I had left all the ’emergency’ food bagged in the kitchen. Liam, age 3, became particularly interested in that fun-looking food (not what we usually eat) and wanted to know what it was all was about…

IMG_2083 IMG_2079 IMG_2082 IMG_2113crop

Liam: What’s this stuff in here?

Me: That’s food for us to put in our backpacks in case there is ever an emergency and we need to leave fast.

L: Oh, yeah. If there is a emergency, we grab a spoon and a pop tart, and we go to the emergency place and they will take care of us.

Me: Um … basically, yes.

L: And then we get on a airplane and fly north, and the monsters can’t get us up there, so we will be safe.

M: Oh … really?

L: Yeah, and then we get on another airplane and fly away …

M: Ok.

L: And then the tornadoes will go back to the caves where they came from. And we will be safe!

My kids crack me up. I’m always fascinated with the way their minds work. 🙂


In case you’re interested, here are some fellow moms with great ideas about survival kits for kids and families:

How does she?

Preparedness Mama

Prepared Not Scared

For more ideas, follow my Emergency Preparedness board on Pinterest!

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