Adultery dating sites

Did you know …

There are actually dating sites for married people.

Maybe you’re laughing because you already know. Maybe everybody knows. But I didn’t. Call me naive.

These sites brandish slogans like “Life is short, have an affair” or “Meet the hottest cheaters in town.” Right on the home page (before you even sign in) there are options such as ‘married male seeking married female’ and ‘single female seeking married male,’ etc. Actually, there’s no limit to the combinations of genders and marriage statuses, so whatever you can imagine can be the starting point for a “dating search.” Wow.

So just imagine this: If your spouse has joined one of these sites, he/she might be sleeping with a married/single man/woman or both without you even knowing. And their partners are likely sleeping with other married men/women too. That was my reality when I found out. And all that time I thought I was in a monogamous relationship. Silly me.

Some of these sites are national, and some are local. The ones my spouse got caught up in were free to join and pornographic in nature.

Things like these are not pleasant to think about, but it is important to be educated and to know your enemy: the industry. Look it in the eye, and defeat it! So much of what happens on the pornography and sex addiction front happens in a dark, secretive manner. So, help me shine a spotlight on it! Let the world know it is NOT okay.

Because knowledge is power.

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