Vocabulary lessons

GhostBroccoliSuat Eman


What’s the word of the day? How about a few? Here are some of the latest words and definitions according to my boys, Liam (age 3) and Camden (age 7). Love those little rascals. They are so stinkin’ funny.



ghost broccoli (n.) -that vegetable that looks like broccoli, except it’s white

Camden: “Mom, do I have to eat the ghost broccoli? I just want carrots.”


bath-tism (n.) – getting our sins washed away

Liam: “I’m gonna get bath-tised like brother.”


hot-cano (n.) – a mountain that spits out fire

Liam: “Ahhhhh! Don’t fall in the hot-cano!”


Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Suat Eman

3 thoughts on “Vocabulary lessons

  1. I think we can learn so much form the freedom with which kids play with language and mold it to make sense of the world. It is joyful experience to share with them, and it doesn’t hurt that they are adorable to boot.

    I have an editor-friend who keeps a record in a blog of the charming and innovative words and phrases her kids let fall. I hope you will do the same!



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