Where is pointer?

340228_1My little boys love helping me clean. At least before age 5, they do.

Someday their wives will thank me for that!

At our house, clearing the table, sweeping up crumbs, cleaning the fish tank, scrubbing bathrooms, and other chores are a family affair, and usually nobody gets left behind.

I’m not saying everyone has a great attitude about it all the time. I mean, let’s be realistic. But it is pretty cool when everyone is on board. Even Daddy is a clean freak, and I LOVE that about him.

I had to laugh yesterday, when I was spiffing up the house with my youngest in tow like a baby duckling–so close that if I stopped suddenly he’d run right into my backside. Haha. Finally I offered to let him use the ‘little red vacuum’ and he literally began squealing and jumping up and down. (Oh, little one. Please don’t change. Stay just like that, okay?)

Evidently our cleaning-family culture has also spilled into our kids naming anatomical parts, because when he was small, my oldest deemed his pointer finger as his “Windex finger.” You know … the finger next to your thumb … the one you squeeze the Windex with?

Well, other people might call it their ‘index’ finger, but at our house, it’s called the “Windex finger.”

2 thoughts on “Where is pointer?

  1. That’s so sweet! Brought to mind “Saturday cleaning days” growing up. I remember thinking mopping was sooo cool as a youngster (functional water play!). Thanks for this gem 🙂


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