How a Children’s Book about Pornography Became an Amazon #1 Best Seller

PornProof Kids™

Happy birthday 5

by Kristen A. Jenson

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is one year old! And still an Amazon #1 Best Seller! To celebrate we’d like to offer you a gift—see the 50% off coupon code below!

New look

Good Pictures Bad Pictures has a brand new look. Yay! Same empowering story told with a beautiful new cover and interior design. We think you’ll love it.

A Year of Milestones

What a year! We started out 2014 with a manuscript that had been rejected by mainstream publishers and a burning desire (did I just write that?) to help parents become more comfortable talking to their kids about pornography. After three long years of writing, testing, re-writing, editing and illustrating, we were finally ready to launch, and so we turned to self-publishing and made the March 22nd Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP) conference our deadline!

The three months leading up to UCAP were a blur…

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