“What My Wife is Worth” by Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

As a former wife of an addict, this post hit me to the core. The author, Forest Benedict, is a powerhouse in the anti-porn movement, and I feel honored work alongside him.

For all the other wives and partners of addicts out there … take courage. There is hope. Just ask Forest … and his wife. (This is actually an excerpt from Forest’s book, Life After Lust. Check it out!)

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

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Awhile back Jennifer Lamprey, Organizer of the Women of Value Quickening Conference, asked me to write a piece that supports women. She emphasized the importance of men supporting women, especially when it comes to issues related to pornography. She shared, “I believe more and more women need and want to hear a man supporting what they’re doing.” In her perspective, when husbands use pornography, partners lose their femininity, become afraid of being emotional and vulnerable, see people as dangerous, and lose their connection to their worth. She said, “The Quickening is about women knowing their worth”.

Being a husband who has struggled sexually, I resonate with the importance of this message. I see that my battle with lust effects my wife deeply. My personal recovery journey is an opportunity to reflect back to my wife how worthy and worthwhile she is.

All women need to know that regardless of how others have treated…

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