Grateful for Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s a touchy topic. I know that all too well. But when the National Center on Sexual Exploitation asked for an article regarding the film Fifty Shades Darker, now in theaters, how could I resist?

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about Fifty Shades, for better or for worse. It seems erotica is mainstream now, not something to be hidden in the covers or read in a dark corner. But how does everyone feel about that? How do you feel about it?

Our own experiences shape us, mold us, affect our opinions. And for me, this is a big one. It’s a trigger, but also an opportunity. You don’t make it through sexual abuse as a child, ten years of marriage to a sex addict, adultery, and an earth-shattering divorce and come through smelling like roses.

But … I am always healing, always growing, always learning. And I hope to share my journey and my takeaways with others who are going through hard things too. If for nothing else, so that you know you’re not alone. I’m floundering through this mess too. And we are going to make it!

If you’re interested in my perspective on the “Valentine’s-Day”/BDSM-themed film (really?) then hop over to my guest post on the NCOSE site, here. If not, no worries. I can respect that others have different opinions than my own. But please remember my house rules.

Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

“Grateful for Fifty Shades of Grey”
by Melody Harrison Bergman,

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