Interview: “When and How to Talk to Kids About Pornography” on

I recently had the opportunity to interview with Josh Ochs, founder of Josh is awesome! He is so natural on camera. I am still learning. Haha.

If you’d like to hear the audio version, you can also tune in on the Smart Social Podcast on iTunes, here:

In case you’re interested, here are some of the awesome resources we discussed on the show:

How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography. Because exposure to pornography is inevitable, it is necessary to prepare our kids for that exposure. Porn’s addictive nature, the way it can alter a child’s developing brain, and how it will affect all of their future relationships make these discussions vital to a child’s healthy sexual development.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds (for ages 3 to 6). Young children deserve to be armed early against internet dangers. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. makes it easy for parents to protect their young kids. Using gentle, age-appropriate messages, children will learn to Turn, Run & Tell when they are accidentally exposed to inappropriate content.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids (for ages 7 to 11). Want a natural and comfortable way to talk to your kids about pornography? Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a read-aloud story about a mom and dad who explain what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it.


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