Flashbacks & the Mysterious Underground Blogosphere

Exactly two years ago today, on February 28, 2012, I started an anonymous blog called Healing at Heaven’s Fountain under the pen name, “Angel Williams.” I had happened upon sort of an underground faith-based anti-porn movement. I was elated when I learned that as an in-cognito wife of a porn addict I was not alone as… Read More Flashbacks & the Mysterious Underground Blogosphere

Body Image Series, Intro: What am I supposed to look like?

Hey, peeps! January is nearing its end. It’s the first mile-marker on the New Year’s Resolution Trail. Did you make any physical/workout/dieting type goals this year? If so, how are things going? Awesome? Not so much? Either way, keep reading! I’d love input from both sides. During my divorce, I wrote about a slew of… Read More Body Image Series, Intro: What am I supposed to look like?


I signed the papers yesterday. Every time I take another step forward, another part of me dies. Why? Isn’t this what I wanted? To break free? To find independence? Happy Independence Day to all the perfect happy families around me celebrating together while I drown in my tears alone. A picnic or a firework does… Read More Drowning