Body Image Series, Intro: What am I supposed to look like?

IMG_0061Hey, peeps! January is nearing its end. It’s the first mile-marker on the New Year’s Resolution Trail. Did you make any physical/workout/dieting type goals this year? If so, how are things going? Awesome? Not so much? Either way, keep reading! I’d love input from both sides.

During my divorce, I wrote about a slew of things. But here’s a piece I  found that’s pretty timely in light of the late January resolution boost or bust! So I’m digging it out and dusting it off just for you guys! Since it is rather lengthy, I’m going to break it up into a series.

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April 2012 – Lately, things are such a blur. But every once in a while, there is a moment of clarity or deep reflection. Like the other day when I stopped in the middle of hanging clothes to peer at myself in a full-length mirror. Do you ever stop and look? I mean really look. The other day, I did. And I wondered …

What am I supposed to look like?

Sorry if this comes out like a really major dirty laundry list. But I’m hoping that by putting it out there, I’ll be able to make some sense of it all and maybe do something about it. Below is a super fun list of my issues on the body image front.”

Come along for the ride if  you like. Pick and choose whatever is relevant. See ya on the flip side! ~Momma C

Other posts in the Body Image Series:

Part 1 – Hair & makeup

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Part 4 – My reflection & photographs

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Part 6 – What is the healthy way? 

Conclusion: So … What am I supposed to look like?

6 thoughts on “Body Image Series, Intro: What am I supposed to look like?

  1. […] According to NEDA, 10 million people struggle with an eating disorder in the U.S. alone, and 10% of those people will die if they don’t seek help with their problem. Sadly, our pornified, media-obsessed culture just reinforces unhealthy patterns like crash dieting, obsessive exercising, and other habits that if left unchecked, can lead to serious problems. Not to mention establishing unrealistic physical standards and in some cases even  illusions that we accept as reality. I touched on a lot of this in my Body Image Series. […]


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