Burning ramen

I once read a comment from a female corporate executive who had become addicted to ‘Mommy Blogs.’ “Everything looks so beautiful and wonderful all the time,” she said. And then the kicker: “I WISH I COULD STAY HOME AND ARRANGE FLOWERS ALL DAY.” Bahahahahaaaaa! Well … If you read my stuff you know I like to… Read More Burning ramen

Yoga mom

It’s a new week! Time for “Might Be a Mama!” You might be a mama if … You often double as a soccer goal or jungle gym during your yoga workout. Do you know what I’m talking about? Read this hilarious article on the topic: “Child’s Pose” by Amanda Hamilton Roos, Power of Moms  … Read More Yoga mom

Yummy toes

It’s Monday! Time for “Might Be a Mama!” You might be a mama if … You voluntarily kiss someone’s feet several times a day. Unless otherwise indicated, pieces in this series are my original work. Please share! But if you do, be sure to link back and/or post with credit to MamaCrossroads. Thanks!