Burning ramen

I once read a comment from a female corporate executive who had become addicted to ‘Mommy Blogs.’

“Everything looks so beautiful and wonderful all the time,” she said. And then the kicker: “I WISH I COULD STAY HOME AND ARRANGE FLOWERS ALL DAY.”


Well … If you read my stuff you know I like to keep it real, so lest there be any misunderstanding from any corporate executive wanna-be mamas out there, I thought I’d share a post about one of my days last week. A real day in the life of a real mom.

Liam, peeking into the pot: “Mom! What did you do?”

It’s not yet noon, and I’m surprised I still have hair…

My alarm clock is three … and blonde … and really cute. This morning my wake-up call was: “Waaaaah! Mommy, can you change my pee-pee jammies?”

While putting saturated sheets in the wash, I heard a loud “clang” from my eldest’s room. He is home with stomach flu and was ringing his metal barf bowl to get my attention.

While running up the stairs to take his order (“Peppermint tea for my tummy, please.”), I heard the little one crying for breakfast in the kitchen.

While making the little one his requested ‘milkshake’ (read: whey protein), I accidentally scooped in the powder myself instead of letting him do it.

While the little one was tantrum-ing on the floor “(I wanna do it ALL BY MYSELF!!!”), I heard the tea kettle whistle and shot upstairs with a tray of bland food.

While cleaning the kitchen, I witnessed my little boy pouring his chocolate shake over his head.

While scrubbing the chocolate, I heard the big  one shouting for “toast please!”

While making the grocery list, I was informed, “My shirt is a little wet, Mama.” But not with milkshake. With pee. Again.

While changing little one’s clothes, I heard a shout: “Is my toast done yet?” And then, “Can I have some ramen, too? It’s almost my lunch time.”

While delivering the semi-blackened toast, I saw the little one pout: “I’m playing all alone. No one will play with me.”

While flying superman around the airport, I smelled the waft of burning ramen on the air. Ahhhhh, sweet toasty ramen … and … smoke? *cough, cough, cough* Um. Not good.

While telling my dad about my morning, I burst out laughing.

I think I need a nap.

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