Fall awakening

Each year, as the leaves begin to glow, my skin prickles. For many, autumn is a melancholy time–a reminder of the long sleepy winter pending on the horizon. It was once for me, too.

But now I anticipate Fall as much as springtime.

For me, autumn is not the end, it is the beginning. Two years ago, I experienced a re-awakening, a new birth. I started a new life, and I will never be the same.


In 2012, as the blistering heat of summer gave way to cool crispness,  I fell in love with my husband. A year that began in despair and brokenness ended with a new beginning.

My heart beats fast as I consider our first walks in the woods, with the smell of chimney smoke on the wind.

I swallow tears with memories of our first family trip to the pumpkin patch–now an annual tradition.

I feel the change in the air. I hear the crunch under our feet. I rake leaves into massive piles with my little helpers, and my heart is filled.

They’re little things, but they’re significant to me. They are my life.

IMG_0343       IMG_3187


IMG_1404 IMG_3129



2 thoughts on “Fall awakening

  1. I love this post! Fall has been difficult for me the past two years because that was when my marriage fell apart. I am working hard to create new memories though, and your post is so encouraging!! Love you, Melody!


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