Yoga mom

It’s a new week! Time for “Might Be a Mama!” You might be a mama if … You often double as a soccer goal or jungle gym during your yoga workout. Do you know what I’m talking about? Read this hilarious article on the topic: “Child’s Pose” by Amanda Hamilton Roos, Power of Moms  … Read More Yoga mom


This is a guest post sent by my amazing friend and health coach Suzanne Knight. I receive health tips like this once a week to keep me on track and HAD TO share this one! You rock, Suz! Long work hours… stress… some of us have turned to food! When we experience stressful events or… Read More Mindfulness

Body Image Series, Part 6: What is the healthy way?

[Have you read the Introduction yet? Start here.] April 2012 – There are so many fad diets out there. I would love to do this fast! Right now! But I’m not sure that’s the most healthy way. And I’m also not sure it would stick anyway. So, the plan is limit the calories, increase the exercise. That’s pretty straightforward,… Read More Body Image Series, Part 6: What is the healthy way?