Flashback to July 25, 2012 …

I took off my ring today after more than ten years. All day, I kept brushing the inside of my fourth finger with my thumb and panicking that I had left my band somewhere … dropped it … lost it. It’s a strange sensation. A void. I thought I had already let go completely and that this was just an exercise. I didn’t expect to feel such an emptiness in that space, where something has been for so long.


8 thoughts on “Bare

  1. I am sorry.
    I hope you go out and buy yourself a new necklace or earrings to help make yourself happy.
    I gave my ring back at 20 years of marriage. He bought me a new one. At 29 years of marriage I gave the new one back….but he is doing so much better now…that I have put it back on. It’s all tough stuff.


  2. So what did you do with it?

    I have a friend whose husband was a therapist. Many of his patients left their rings with him. After he died, my friend took all the rings to a jeweler and had them turned into a stunning pendant.



  3. Truthfully, Ruth? I tried to pawn it, but it wasn’t worth much. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet… Weird, huh? Actually, this phenomenon might be worth its own post. Maybe I’ll write one…


  4. I missed this earlier. Yes, that’s a true story. My friend saw the rings not as symbols of failed marriages but rather as reminders of people her husband had helped regain their lives. She had three colorful stones set into it; it will go to her granddaughter when the child is old enough for such a piece.

    Maybe you could get together with some other women who have the same dilemma and pool the old rings. You all could ask a jeweler to make them into something to be auctioned or sold for charity and see if she or he would donate the work. Just a(nother) thought.



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