“Look Mommy! That’s Pornography!” How a 5 year old sparked a grocery store chain to cover up Cosmo

Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re getting through to your kids? Whether what you say or do–what you teach them–makes any difference at all? Think again.

PornProof Kids™

Serious girl pointing aside; isolated on the white background

by Kristen A. Jenson

Happy New Year! I hope you’re feeling more empowered against pornography today than you were a year ago!

May I share some success stories from 2014 with you? (Among them is how a 5 year old sparked a major reduction in soft core porn in her city’s grocery stores and how our book played a part!)

1. Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a #1 Best Seller!

You’ve helped get the word out about Good Pictures Bad Pictures and it has regularly been #1 in all of three of its categories on Amazon (and has been getting more and more attention online with great reviews in newspapers and blogs). Thank you!!!GPBPKindleCoverInternal

For me, this is personal. Every copy means that another family has a comfortable resource for talking to their kids about pornography and a plan to empower those kids to reject it. This realization makes me cry…

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2 thoughts on ““Look Mommy! That’s Pornography!” How a 5 year old sparked a grocery store chain to cover up Cosmo

  1. This post has me thinking- so many times I’ve thought that the only argument I can use against porn is to say that it affects kids, or that I don’t want children to be exposed. But I have just as much a right to say I don’t want to see it, and I don’t want to be exposed! My reasons can be just as valid, and maybe even more powerful by saying that a empowered, strong woman doesn’t want anything to do with porn.


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