A Facebook Marriage (Keep the Smile On Or Else)

I couldn’t have said it better myself … so I won’t. Go read it! Lisa rocks. 🙂

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

I didn’t join Facebook until after my divorce.

But if I did have a Facebook page during my first marriage, it would have revealed nothing of the upcoming marital tsunami. You would have seen pictures of us playing with the dogs and working on the house. You would be jealous of our new (and huge) deck with requisite hot tub overlooking a large wooded backyard. You would be subjected to pictures of public affection and cheery smiles. In other words, we would have looked happy and normal.

And that’s so often the case, isn’t it?

No matter what is occurring behind closed doors, the marriage we reveal to the world is Pinterest-perfect. We see endless streams of seemingly flawless families and we want to blend in. We feel awkward and vulnerable showing any cracks in the marital shell, so we hide them behind carefully selected and cropped photos. Maybe we want to…

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2 thoughts on “A Facebook Marriage (Keep the Smile On Or Else)

  1. I joined Facebook after my divorce. I got in touch with some old friends connected with work references that helped me, but all in all I do not find Facebook to be healthy and I am on the fence about deleting it. If I had an account before my marriage I would have had three times the friends and everything would have looked enviable. So I know darn well what we are seeing is not reality. Good post. I am tired of hiding my cracks.


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