Mini Meteorologists

-1We had a snow day today–which, in VA, is a bit of a novelty. My youngest, almost four, was cracking me up talking about it.

“Um … I think it was just a flurry, Mom,” my little scoundrel said knowingly as we walked out the door this morning. He was right. It was really only a light dusting. But that made it perfect for spotting tiny animal tracks.

So we took a detour on our way toward the car. Instead we had a five-minute adventure hunting bird feet, tiny squirrel prints, and sneaky cat paws through the powder.  And after we had walked in a few circles we were tracking little crocs and mommy tennis shoes too.

It’s the little things.

My children always have the funniest things to say about the weather:

L: “Mom, why did it snow? Was it when the clouds were shaking a lot and it just wanted to come out?”

C: “It’s not raining that hard. It’s just spray-bottling out there.”

L: “Wow! You reaaally need to scrape the car! Are you going to use your credit card?” (Ahem … Yes, we are easterners … And yes, I now own a real ice scraper.)

C: “We don’t want to get hit by lightning. We could get electrocated!”

L (in the car this morning, when the sun poked through some clouds): “Yay! It’s sunny!!! Thank you, God, for the sunshine. I really appresherate it!”

LOVE those cuties!

I’m sure you’ve heard some awesome one-liners at your house too. Would love to hear them in the comments section!

A penny for your thoughts:

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