Boys are like blue jeans

A couple weeks ago in a post about my sister’s engagement, I left a little cliff hanger …

“Today, as my mom and I were driving to pick up the wedding dress, she said something about the right guy fitting like ‘your favorite pair of blue jeans.’ … That analogy really hit home … and I have a great deal to say about it. But that is a post for another time!”

This weekend at Becka’s bachelorette (which was a blast, by the way!) the subject resurfaced, and we all came to the conclusion that this analogy is spot on! Don’t believe me? Here are some insights from the gals:


Obviously …

Some jeans are too tight.

Some jeans are too baggy.

Some jeans are to grungy.

Some jeans fit great in high school or college. But when you grow up, they just don’t cut it anymore.

There are so many kinds of jeans … and we know them all too well. Don’t we?

Brand-spankin’ new. You know that pair you just bought? They looked fantastic at the store, in that picture-perfect dressing-room mirror. (I swear those mirrors are rigged.) They were so expensive, but they looked so dang sexy! And you just had to have them!

So you get them home, slip them on for a date and feel like a million bucks. You prance around wearing those jeans and turning heads at every corner. You know everyone notices–those are some HOT jeans!

But as the night lingers on and the novelty wears off, you get tired of wearing those hot jeans. Because as good as they look, they start cutting into you. You love wearing them in public for the reaction, but at the end of the day you’d much rather slide into some PJs instead.

The messy ones. Some jeans fulfill a single function. They were new once, but not anymore. You wear them for yard work or painting–when you’re getting dirty or stained. But you know you can’t wear them anywhere else. It just wouldn’t be appropriate.


All worn out. Maybe you have a pair of jeans that are ragged and ripped or practically torn in pieces. You’ve kept them too long, and you know it’s only a matter of time until you donate them to a second-hand store or a denim drive. So why haven’t you done it already!?

IMG_0612Something borrowed, something blue. Then there are those jeans you swiped from your roommate or sister or cousin or brother. You know the pair. You take them because you’re sure they look better on you. You wear them for a while … but then you realize–hmmm, maybe these aren’t your dream jeans after all.

So you fold them up and stick them in a package labeled “return to sender” or meekly admit to your roommate: “I was wrong. Take them back–you can have them!”

Thanks to my 4-yr-old cell-phone swiper for snapping this one. I knew it would come in handy someday!

The “someday” pair. And what about those jeans in the back of your closet that you know are a few sizes too small? You keep them because you’re determined that although they don’t fit now, you’ll eventually be able to squeeze into them.

Every so often, you pull them out and try them on again … hoping this time they’ll finally zip up all the way. Maybe you can go on a binge diet or work out like crazy! Surely you can make them fit!

But then reality sets in and you realize: I shouldn’t have to change myself. I should be shopping for jeans that fit me just the way I am. Because I’m awesome. And the right jeans will work without a binge diet or olympic-athlete-style workout.

The magic pair. You’ve tried on so many jeans now that you’re ready to give up. You’re exhausted, and you think … “NO MORE JEANS! I’ll never find a pair that fits me just right!”


BUT … As my mama always says, “It only takes one.” You know the one. You slide right into them. They do fit just right. And when you finally feel it … you just know. And you breathe a sigh of relief and pure satisfaction.

These jeans hug your body in all the right places. You can wear them anywhere, and you still feel amazing. Because you don’t just look good in those jeans–you feel like you look good.

It’s THAT pair. The one you can lounge around in or go to town in. And whether you are going out or staying in, those jeans are just right. You can work in them, play in them, maybe even fall asleep in them … because they are just that comfortable.

You know these jeans will always be your favorite. If they get stained, you wash them. If they rip, you mend them … or not. Maybe you like your jeans a little freyed at the bottoms or don’t mind the holes in the knees–because they add character and make you love them even more.

These are the jeans. The ones you know you can wear for years and years, whether your waistline expands or shrinks a little–because every girl knows that your favorite jeans grow with you, or you can always add a belt. Denim is cool like that.

Different strokes for different folks. The other cool thing is … My favorite jeans aren’t the same as yours. Maybe your favorites are baggy or tight or tattered or new, or even inherited from someone else. Maybe your ‘paint jeans’ or ‘yard jeans’ are your favorite.

IMG_0570 (1)

Everyone is different. Everyone has their type. And it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. You know. Because when you slip into your favorite pair, you just … feel it.

But the best thing about your favorite jeans? You know they’ll always be there. You love them, and they love you back.

I found mine.

And now my sister has hers.

Don’t give up, girls. Your perfect fit is out there somewhere too.





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